Crowd Control







Jesper Banner

Stewart Sørensen

Thomas Banner








Crowd Control is a Danish band dedicated to intelligent electronica.

In 1997 2 brothers Thomas & Jesper Banner started composing electronic music along with their older brother Spine and friend Niels "Bumblebee.." Bonnevie in the band Blue House.

In 1999 Blue House split up into 3 fractions:

Crowd Control consisting of Thomas & Jesper, Unexploded - their older brother Spine's solo project, and an ambient/dub project with their friend Niels "Bumblebee.." Bonnevie. The latter was realized in the beginning of August 2002 when the album "Crowd Control featuring Bumblebee.." was released in Danish music stores.

"Crowd Control feat. Bumblebee.." spands a wide variety of genres within electronic music. From dub to ambient, downbeat to techno and jungle with industrial roots the album makes way for an interesting journey with a minded Dalai Lama, a short but determined presence by Richard Nixon and an intense ride with The Burnouts.

Being extremely productive Crowd Control has more then 500 songs in their repertoire. Also being visual artists in their 3d animation company Space Cadet makes it possible for them to create stunning visuals for live performance.

Aditionally, Crowd Control has been blessed with new member to the group: Stewart Sørensen. Apart from being an excellent Art Designer he's also a brilliant musician.

Go now. they´re waiting for you!!